Fish and Chips….and Pasties for dinner! Too tired to walk several blocks to the Pub! So we are eating in our room in our jammies!
Forgot to mention a couple of amusing incidents that happened today..
First off the Swans, Ducks…Pigeons…Blackbirds…and a mystery bird..(.just remembered its called a Mandarin Duck)..are all crazy! Well at least the ones in Kensington Park’s Round Pond! I guess it’s because people feed them! One lady put a lot of bird ” food” in her daughter’s hoodie…The birds then landed RIGHT ON THE DAUGHTER…and started to peck in her hood for the food! She was covered in BIRDS!!! Rebecca was upset that we had nothing to feed them as she wanted to do the same…..Thank goodness we had nothing to feed them!!!!!! It was almost like being in the movie The Birds!!!
The second event happened to Rebecca..She was sitting admiring the Sunken Gardens at Kensington Palace..and a couple from Australia asked her ” if she was an American”? She replied “no I am Canadian”! “oh we did not mean to insult/offend you by calling you an American”! Chuckle, chuckle!!!!

Well it’s almost 10 pm. Time to think about turning in….

Night, night from Mayfair…London…UK!!


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