Lions. tigers and bears…oh my!

Woke up this Sat. to a lovely Sunny morning in Belgravia!
Had the complete English “fry up” for Breakfast.
Decided that it was the perfect day to head to London Zoo!
Off we set …as the Zoo is located 2 short Bus rides away in Regent’s Park..
We had a slight mishap trying to find the second Bus that we needed…but it was an advantageous mishap as it was located in a shopping area!! Was able to pop into 2 NEXT Stores looking for the Paralympic 2012 scarf that I want..looks like it might be a bit of a challenge as each store stocks different items…and it might very well be sold out!!!!
I did however manage to pick up a Team GB sweatshirt and t-shirt, plus a cool Union Jack t-shirt, as well as some neat Union Jack jewelry!
Finally arrived at the Zoo…and what a Zoo it is!! Totally worth the visit/cost of admittance!!
We saw so many animals….too numerous to mention! I think my highlight(s) would be the Tiger, Penguins,Monkeys….and Gorillas!
We first encountered the Gorillas..when at one point upon entering the Gorilla area…I happened to look up and there starring down at me from an enclosed platform above me was a huge Gorilla!!! We had quite the staring contest….she was trying to settle down for a nap, and just could not get comfortable…I can sympathize!!
Further into the area was the Gorilla compound! Wow…I have an amazing video of one of the young females…playing…actually taking a rope of burlap and swinging( like she would in the Jungle from tree to tree) right in from of me!!! Way too cool!
The Tiger was equally amazing! When we got to the Tiger area…unfortunately they had just gone in! We found out that this was only because some lucky people were allowed in to “feed” the Tigers! We watched them put out chunks of meat in strategic locations…on the shelf behind glass that was right in from of me! The meat by the way, is imported from France and is Horse meat…ugh! Actually there was a leg, complete with hair/fur put on top of the Tiger’s little shelter! Quite gross…..
It was so exciting when the Tigers( there are 2 of male, one female) came out!! The Zoo Volunteer that was standing there explaining everything..said that they were not too hungry as they took their time finding the food! The Female…got a hold of the “leg” and took it into the shelter to have a feed! The male came right up in front of me to take the meat that had been placed there…..I got such great photos of him!!!
The Monkeys were too cute and funny! We saw all different shapes and sizes and colors of them!
The Penquins are very much the entertainers! It’s as if they no that they are performing and being watched! Got amazing close up photos of them swimming by….
We had a nice lunch there at one of their numerous Cafes. I had a Ploughman’s sandwich again….cheddar cheese and pickles( chutney )..yum!
We spent that entire day at the Zoo, and only had one shower the whole time! We really lucked out!
On arriving at the Zoo they take your photo against a “green screen” , and you are able to purchase really neat photos of you with the animals( computer generated of course)I could not resist as its a wonderful souvenir of a great day! Also bought 2 little wooden carved Penquins, a Zoo magnet, and 3 of their reusable shopping bags as souvenirs as well…
At one point in the afternoon the kids and I had a treat of some “ice lolly’s” even though it was not at all warm! We just could not resist!!
Rob wanted to go check out Camden Market, once we left the Zoo( which was around 6 pm)! We arrived there after just a short bus ride….but I quickly vetoed the whole Camden experience as it was a sea of people( lots of “interesting” people wanting to know of you wanted a tattoo)…and I really was not interested in buying anything at the Market. From what I could see there was a lot of “cheap” clothing, and “kitschy” merchandise.
Our next stop, although it nearly killed me…as I detest taking the escalators here in some of the Underground Stations, as there are so bloody steep that some might consider them like an amusement park ride! I certainly understand why during the War people took shelter in the Underground from the German Bombs…as they are sooooo deep underground!
What we were trying to do…(but for some reason we could not do)was to get abroad the train at King’s Cross via Platform 9 3/4! Any idea why????
Will let you ponder on this one…….
For dinner tonight we wanted to go to a great restaurant that we discovered on our last visit here….but once we got there it was to only find out that it had gone! We did however find a delicious Portuguese Chicken Place nearby that was yummy and family style! Of course being Sat night a lot of the Pubs/Restaurants would not let the kids in….Rebecca did have a Beer with her dinner tonight! When in Rome do as the Romans do!!
It was drizzling and cool when we got back to our Guest House, we did stop in at a local Marks and Spencer’s for some evening snacks! Rebecca is addicted to “Percy Pigs” candies!!
Well it’s now 10:08pm and I am beyond tired…so I will end this Blog for tonight!
Goodnight from Belgravia, London, UK!


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