Girls on the Town Part 2

Back from our walk…..
We headed over to Victoria Tube/Train Station as Rebecca read that there was a NEXT store that was there, and I am still trying to find /buy that illusive Team GB Paralympic scarf..Found the Store..but no scarf!!
So to continue on about our Day…..
After visiting Peter Jones for tea/lunch..I had my usual cream tea…and Rebecca had a giant meringue! We were not that hungry after our large Breakfast!
We did a wee bit of shopping its a great store! There was a lady that looked like Carol Middleton sitting a table away from us….but on further “subtle” glances it turned out not to be her..although all the Middleton’s shop here! Did I mention that it too holds not only a royal warrant to the Queen but also to Prince Charles as well!
As we were the “Girls on the Town” we decided to hoof it over to Harvey Nicks…If you are a fan of the BritCom Absolutely Fabulous you are very familiar with the characters of Edina and Patsy always heading to “Harvey Nicks”!
We found the store without too much of a problem…and went in through the main door which was held open by a well dressed “doorman” ..tres chic!
Unfortunately even though Rebecca and I were “living it up” we could not afford to buy anything in the store…..and we looked on every single floor to see if there was anything affordable, but no luck!
I did drool over a lovely Alice Temperley ( designs for Kate)blouse at €198 pounds, almost weakened …as this is “cheap” for the store! Tried on a pair of Victoria Beckham sunglasses for € 395! I would say that the store is in the category of Harrods, but only has fashions where Harrods has everything imaginable! Food to toys…furniture to etc…etc….etc…..
Enough of all this non- shopping we thought… off to another un affordable store we went…..Harrods! We had already walked through the store with Rob and Ryan, but could not find the “Harrods Store” within the store. where you can buy all the touristy stuff like keychains etc…The only stuff in the store that is affordable! Today I actually asked where it was located in the store…as we roamed around all of the downstairs…and believe you me it’s the worst store for getting around! The last time we were in the store 3 years ago we lost Rob and Rebecca! This time we stuck together like glue! I am not sure why it’s so difficult to find the various departments in the store..Yes, it’s big…but it’s more that there are “little” stores/departments within the store, and then of course there are several food courts( wine, coffee, tea, meat, fish etc..)…all which makes it super difficult to navigate! So today I was bound and determined to find the Harrods Touristy Department! It seems to have moved, or I did not at all recall that it was located on the 2nd floor! No wonder we could not find it the other day! When we made it to the floor…OMG it was completely a sea of people! Just totally craziness! I did manage to buy a Queen’s Jubilee Harrods Bag…but got so hot waiting in line I had to shed some layers….maybe it was not the heat of the Store, but rather passing though the “Luxury Goods Department” where things can cost millions of pounds!!!!!!
While at the cash I asked about the Pet Department…as I recall seeing it last time, and wanted to buy the dogs a treat! What a Pet Department they have! It’s more like a Pet Spa Department…as they is a Doggie Day care, and Spa! Got the boys each a collar…served by quite the impressive gentleman with a Russian accent! At each cash I was asked of I had a Harrods charge card! Can you imagine having one of those!!!!!! Headed across the street to Topshop where we met the guys…but then separated again as us girls were then heading off to Peggy Porschen’s for cupcakes and tea! The ” restaurant” is so yummy in its decor! Its all in pinks and whites, with real flowers, and fancy paper flowers decorating the place! Peggy’s place is just a door down from our Guest House…she makes cakes for the likes of Elton John, Sir Anthony Hopkins, and Stella McCartney! Let me tell you her cupcakes are sublime!
Rebecca had a lemon one, and mine was Banoffe! Banoffe is a typical Brit dish/flavor ..made with bananas, cream and toffee! Rebecca had a hot chocolate, and I had tea! I will try to describe the Banoffee cupcake..although I will not do it justice at all! If you can imagine a banana bread base, with chocolate morsels…with a toffee centre..iced with the most delicious banana flavored icing with banana “chips”( dried banana )on top, to die for and I don’t even really like bananas! OMG…I wish I could so take a bunch home with us!!! Ms Porschen has published many cookbooks on cakes etc…and even has her own line of candles, china ( mugs, plates etc..)as well as oven mitts, “pinnies” /aprons ! I had to buy an apron as a souvenir! Hope to get back for one more cupcake before we go…
Would like to have tea at the Goring Hotel on our last day tomorrow…but not sure if time will allow! This is the Hotel that Kate and the Middleton’s stayed at before the Royal Wedding! All I can afford, if that would be the tea….will see how our timing is for tomorrow!
Cannot believe that today was our last full day…the time has just flown by!
I can tell you that my feet will be glad to get on the plane tomorrow and have a rest, as we have been doing so much walking! Which is what one does when one is in London! It’s a great City for walking around as there is so much to see everywhere you turn!
Hope to Blog one more time from the Guest House, before we have to pack up and leave tomorrow morn, as until I get to Heathrow I will not have any WiFi access, and it might be a bit difficult to Blog from there….Not sure if I want to take out my trusty IPad or not..will just have to wait and see!
We have to check out in the morning, but will leave our bags here as our flight is only at 6 pm…which means heading out to Heathrow around 4 pm!
I have to say that I have personally accomplished all that I wanted to see, buy and do on this Trip!
Making plans for the next trip though… there is always something new and exciting to discover and do here in London! It never gets “old”, even when revisiting places…it always seems new! I guess there are always new exhibits to see, and there is a certain amount of rotations” done..which keeps things feeling new!
Will certainly try to write one more time about our dinner at our “local” tonight!


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