Girls Out on the Town!

Woke up,early this morning, and tried to get a bit organized for our departure tomorrow…boo hoo!
We all went down for breakfast, where Rob and Ryan plotted their day…
Rebecca and I knew what we were going to do! We were to have a ” Girls Day”!
We started off by heading to the Sloane Square Area…
First though we decided to check out a local Red Cross Charity shop! We really aced out there!! Remember that LK Bennett Store that I referred to in an earlier Blog? Kate and Pippa’s favorite shoe store, that was completely not affordable! The cheapest pair of shoes was €98 pounds! Well I found a pair at this Charity Shop today, in my size for €25! Also found a great pair of Birkenstock sandals for €10, and a lovely TopShop sweater….and best of all a pair of light blue Hunter Rain Boots for €20! Rebecca got a silk scarf, as she had been after me to buy her one! This one is an Yves Saint Laurent one! Both of us girls were very, very, happy with our purchases!
After we dropped off our above purchases at the Guest House…we then continued into the Pimlico Area..them onto Sloane Square and Kensington High Street areas…
I worked up enough “courage” to actually go into David Linley’s store….although we had difficulties figuring out if the door pulled open..or pushed in….Great classy start!
Once in the store….we were the only “clients” by the way! The Staff at least did not jump all over us, as I guess they figured out that we were not “big” spenders!
We saw a lovely box …you might call it a men’s jewelry case, although it was meant to hold watches! We thought how nice this would be for Rob, as he has quite the variety of watches! Well we did not buy it as it was close to €5000.00 !! I did spy a really nice looking catalog that I though I might be possibly able to afford…and upon asking the very spiffy salesman said it was free! We chatted a bit about where we were from, and the was quite the experience…a pleasant one at that!
We shopped at another quaint little shop along the way, I bought a crown candle holder…
Arrived with no problem at Sloane Square…a favorite area of the late Princess of Wales… she lived in the area when she was single!
We felt a little hungry so we went into the big department store on the Square called Peter Jones, it seems to be owned or at least has some affiliation with John Lewis store as “his” name was in The PJ store….
I am going to take a pause in this Blog, as we are heading out for a walk…and to explore as the sun is back out.
Will finish more on this Blog when we get back in…

Cheerio for now!


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