Cheerio London

Well here it is our last morning, it’s yet again dull, grey and rainy!
Rob has tons of stuff he wants us to squeeze in today….involves busing, walking and taking the Tube to various places…We all could have had a nice lie in, but he is “cracking the whip” to get us moving! Hope we will sleep a bit on the plane tonight…
We had a yummy dinner last night at our Local! By the way the autocorrect has been correcting the spelling of PIMMS, not PIM’ S ….of which Rebecca and I both had another glass of ! Rob had his usual punt, and Ryan had lemonade…
I had a great burger, Rob had the special which was Chili..Rebecca had her Chicken Filet Burger, and Ryan had Nachos!
I am not sure if I mentioned the “challenge” of crossing the streets here in London! Of course one has to “look left”..and not right due of course to driving on the opposite side of the road and all..
Not being used to that, and the amount of traffic on the street proves to be interesting! We tried to cross streets where there were designated crosswalks…but as they week wore on we got braver and crossed when the “locals” crossed!!
It was sad thinking that it was our last meal there..but there was. “football match” on all the telley’s so the atmosphere was jolly!
Well I best get moving, and make sure that my suitcase will indeed close…due to all my souvenirs!!

Cheerio London,until next time…..


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