Walking in the footsteps of Diana and Kate!

It’s 8:02 pm and we are knackered! We were up and out of our Guest House by 10:00 am this morning and only now have stopped!
Spent the morning at both The Victoria and Albert Museum and The Science Museum! At the Victoria and Albert Rebecca and I went to see a special exhibit for the Queen’s Jubilee! It was an exhibit of sixty photos taken by Cecil Beaton! It was a great exhibit…The “boys” explored other areas of the Museum while the ” girls” took in the photo exhibit. We did some shopping in the Gift Store…I bought a Union Jack scarf and a UJ ring..plus a card of one of Cecil’s photos!
At the Science Museum we explored around for awhile, then the girls got fed up with Science and hit the Gift Shop while the boys continued to explore some more…
After our fill of Science we meandered through Hyde Park then into Kensington Park….flowers and trees were all abloom! Headed to the Round Pond to see Swans and other water fowl! Strolled over to the Fairy Tree( its an old tree with ceramic type faired climbing on it) which is beside the Princess of Wales Memorial Playground. We wanted to eat lunch again at the Diana Cafe, as we ate there 3 years ago and it was great! Diana herself use to pop in for take out when she was at Kensington Palace( which is directly across the street)! The walls of the Cafe are covered with photos of Diana that were taken by the “Paps” ! Also many signed letters from Diana to the owners of the Cafe. I have a Cheddar Cheese and Pickle sandwich ! After lunch the ladies and gents spilt up! The Gents headed for a walk to explore Nottinghill and Holland Park…while the Ladies went across the street to Kensington Palace! KP has just had a major overhaul, and is quiet different from when we were last there. Rebecca and I first took in an exhibit about Queen Anne…and then an exhibit on Queen Victoria….I dressed up in a fancy jacket…photo later! The crowning( no pun intended) highlight of KP was the new Diana exhibit….which showcases 5 of her dresses! You might recall the first outing after she became engaged to Prince Charles…she wore a strapless black gown….it was there! The corridor that leads to the exhibit is lined with wallpaper of illustrations of Diana…very impressive! Afterwards Rebecca and I hit the Cafe in KP for some strawberries and cream! Of course it was off to the Gift Shop after we had our snack! I bought my Christmas ornaments of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, a Diamond Jubilee CD and a charm for my Pandora Bracelet…of one the Queen’s Carriages! The Gardens at KP have also gone through an overhaul and were looking just beautiful!
We re joined the boys and then hit the ” High Street” where both Diana and Kate now have known to shop! We went into Topshop first…Rebecca purchased her 2 Grad Dresses that she was hoping to find! I bought a pair of Ballet Flats and a dress, and sweater! Then we hit one of Kate’s fav stores Zara…I bought a bee pin with the 10 pounds that I had found on the street yesterday! I just had to buy something from the store that Kate visits often! After our High Street shopping we headed a short walk away to stroll…no buying here….around Harrods! As always it was packed!! Walked home through Belgravia…where my eagle royal eye…spotted a “lesser” royal having dinner with what looked like “the girls”! It was David Linley( Princess Margaret’s son)’s wife Serena ! Of course I did not act like a Paparazzi, although I did have to walk by twice to make sure it was indeed her!
Walked home past many interesting stores and restaurants that were familiar to me…San Lorenzo where Diana always ate with her gal pals! Anya Hindermarch…designer of many a purse/bag worn by Kate! Also just steps away from our Guest House are 2 royal shops! Jenny Packham…dress designer for Kate…and Phillip Traecy hate designer to all the royal ladies! Quite exciting having these two stores so close by to us….A real perk of “living” in the Mayfair area!!!
Well that’s all for now….have to think about heading out for dinner…might be a postscript later,mom I am not too tired! Oh yes, we have moved into the Family Suite…which is located in the attic of the Guest House!
Ta Ta for now….


London Day 1

Well here we are ….Springtime in London, England!
Arrived after a wonderful flight…BA is much better than Air Canada..sorry to say! The flight went by so quickly! Although I do not understand why….they serve you a dinner at 11 pm. at night, and then just a packaged muffin for breakfast!!! I passed on the dinner as I was already dozing at the point…
I was ” watching” ” My Week with Marilyn” but honestly was more listening than watching…no actually I was sleeping ..as I cannot remember one thing about the whole movie…and ” J Edgar Hover” which I “watched” after Marilyn! I did however watch a new episode of ABFAB that we have not seen as yet in Canada…Watched that while I was having my breakfast…and stayed awake for that show! It was too funny, and great to see the “old gals” again! The flight was smooth…although the Pilot said that it did take some “effort” to land the plane as smoothly as they did due to high winds!!!!
Breezed through Customs and found our bags very quickly….had to wait a bit for the Bus to take us to Victoria Coach Station, which is a block away from the Morgan Guest House where we are staying! Bus drive was much more enjoyable than taking the Tube, which we did on our visit 3 years ago! Not a pleasant thing to do in rush hour with luggage…having to deal with people heading to work, and us not knowing where we were going…and with our luggage and being tired etc…We all dozed a bit in the Bus ride! Arrived at our Guest House in sunshine, although chilly! It even hailed! Weird Spring weather…as we had sun, rain, wind, cold and a bit of warmth when the sun came out!
We had a quick bite at a local Cafe as we were now hungry…then headed out for a walk and some sight seeing! We visited the Royal Mews…Saw all the State Carriages, and Horses! Quite the posh place for the horses to live! It would be like living in a Horse Mansion!!! Of course there was the pre requisite visit to the Gift Shop afterwards! I bought 2 Jubilee T Towels, and some Christmas Ornaments to add to my British Ornament collection! We continued our walk around the corner to Buck House ( aka Buckingham Palace)! Plenty of photos taken…then headed across for a stroll through Regent’s Park! We ended up heading to Picadilly Square …..and as it was raining we decided to take refuge in Hamleys toy store, which was not too far away. What an amazing place!!! There were life sized Lego Figures of Wills and Kate, and the Queen….plus a whole candy floor! We re energized ourselves, as now we were beginning to fade …but we wanted to push through the Jet Lag..so we had some delicious smoothies and shakes…plus Ryan did some shopping with his pounds!
Speaking of pounds….I found a 10 pound note on the sidewalk! Will treat myself to something special with it! Headed back to the Guest House around 6 had a bit of a rest and warm up before we headed down the street to the local connivence store for some snacks and bottled water for our room! Then we picked up some take out at the local “Chippie” as we wanted to veg out in our room, as by now we were all zonked!
It’s the girls in one room tonight…and the boys in an other…as the Family Suite was not available till Wed.!
Well I best close…as its 9:21 local time, and we have to hit the sack so that we can be up and in the morning for Breakfast…which is served between 7:00-9:00! Not sure what we will be up to tomorrow…will see what the weather is like, and what we feel like doing come the morning!
Till the next time….good night from London!


The Begining!

Well I have finally succumbed and have started to Blog! I guess all the times that my kids have said that I have been using both Facebook and Pinterest as  a Blog.( translation from teenager lingo to mean….. I totally am doing the wrong thing on the wrong Social Networking platform)!

Now what will I be blogging about is the question?? Well I guess life in general, raising a family…and all that this entails! Certainly there will be recipes and great food tips shared, as I love to entertain!  Of course shopping and decorating will be mentioned here and there…ahem…do I shop…no never!!!!

In two weeks we are off to a family vacation in England…will certainly be Blogging about our time there and all things British!

Now my next challenge after creating this Blog is to figure out how to operate my new DLSR Cannon camera…and in turn to start posting my photos here on my Blog! That is if I can figure out how to work my camera….ugh!!