So civilized….and John Lewis!

Woke up to another sunny day in London Town!
Today was the running of the London Marathon…although we were not in any way inconvenienced by any re routing of streets etc…
As it is Sunday, Rob chose a lovely Church that is renown for its music program…It is called St George’s Church Hanover Square. The Church dates back to 1721 and of course is a C of E Church ( Anglican)! It was the perfect Church to go to today as it is St George’s Day….who of course is the patron Saint of England!
The Church Service was lovely, all done in an hour…quite impressive! The Choir is very talented…and numbered about 10 in all! I am sure that they were ( if not all) mostly paid professionals..
After the Service was over…the Sidemen, or Wardens passed around champagne in real flute type glasses…accompanied by cheese straws! What can I say…but how civilized is this!!!!!!!!!!
We had our “refreshments” and then Rebecca and I spilt from the “gentleman” as we were going to spend the rest of the day shopping….on Regent Street and Oxford Street,
First off we went to Fortnum and Mason….I wanted to have tea here, but as its Sunday and the stores close at 5pm I did not want to take anytime from our shopping time!
At F&M I bought some specially blended tea for the Queen’s Jubilee, and some of their “ordinary” Earl Grey tea…as well as a lovely musical ( plays God Save the Queen) tim with cookies in it! Alps picked up one of their shopping bags, especially made for the Jubilee!
Checked out Ted Baker, and Karen Millen stores…but did not go in…
Then it was off to John Lewis’s ….JL holds a role warrant to HM The Queen. Quite a posh store….Kate often shops here!
I weakened and finally bought by Pippa Modula purse, as well as a Cat Kidston wallet…and an Emma Bridgewater tea pot cozy!
We had our “tea” here…of course scones, clotted cream and jam!
Off too Rebecca’s stores of Miss Selfridges and Topshop….she walked around in a daze as she was in Heaven!!! So much jewelry ( costume) that she did not know where to look, or where to go!! She ended up being very happy with all her purchases…as am I!
We also managed to check out Liberty of London…one of the oldest stores in London! Rebecca was very impressed with the Alexander McQueen scarf that both she and I covet….at €300 plus pounds!! Liberty is housed in an amazing Tudor building…
We ladies, managed to find our way all around the shopping areas, and also managed to locate the
73 Coach that would take us back to Victoria Station! Really easy to find your way around in London..and you totally feel safe! Not like the episode of yesterday at the Market!!
We are now relaxing back at the Guest House, looking over our purchases…awaiting the return of the gentleman! Bought Ryan a Chelsea Football ( Soccer) Gym bag, and a pair of Union Jack boxers…so he does not feel left out of the shopping!!!
Now once they get back we will have to decide which Pub to hit….
The skies are blue again…after having a couple of showers this afternoon…
Did not see any signs of any runners in the Marathon in all of our walking around..guess they were routed away from the busy/tourist/ shopping areas..
Still have to find my Next Scarf…although chances of finding it are slim as it appears to have sold out…
Off to get ready for dinner…

Cheerio for now!!


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