Final word…

Arrived back home last night….
Hard to believe that we were walking around The Tower of London in the morning ( UK time), and home around 9pm our time!
It all seems like a dream…
We spent a very busy last day …
Rob had us on the run, but it was great as we took in a lot in what little time we had left!
I will have to get Rob to write down all the places that we went to for me to tell you about, as they were really off the “beaten track”! What I can tell you is that we did a very nice walk past the Globe Theatre( Shakespeare) …and a quick duck into the Tate Modern Museum ! We continued our stroll beside the Thames and took in the London Eye from the ground….
Stopped too often for Rob and Rebecca’s taste to take photos, but as it was our last day I became very “snap happy”!
We took a Bus over the Thames to the Tower of London…did not go in as we were there 3 years ago, but I did manage a quick stop in at the Gift Shop while the others were admiring the Tower….
Then it was back on the Bus for some Harry Potter sights! We saw ” The Ministry of Magic”, and “Diagon Alley” Ryan bought a wand at “Olevandar’s”!
Lots of other neat sights as well…more on that to come!
Then it was back to our Guest House to pick up our was a close call as we got to back at 3:15pm and our Coach to Heathrow was at 3:30! No time to buy cupcakes for home at Peggy P’s but managed to catch the Coach….on time…barely!
Arrived at Heathrow after a bus ride of about 45mins…You have to certainly go through a lot more security in the UK than here! Jewelry off, belts and shoes off…creams and liquids must be shown..etc…etc…
What a shock that I had to pay more for my suitcase…as it was heavier than was allowed!! Gee, I wonder why????
Got through security with almost no time to spare before having to board the plane! Not acceptable at all, as there was no time for duty free shopping !!! I did however manage to run and buy a bottle of PIMMS but they were calling the flight at this point….and I had forgotten just how big Heathrow is! We actually had to take an airport train to get to our terminal!
All was well even though we had to run….I did not manage to get my Jo Malone perfume that i was hoping to buy at Duty Free..but as luck would have it I was able to buy it on the plane( as they go around with duty free stuff to buy )!
A great flight home….I watched the new AbFab 20 th anniversary episode 4 times! It was just too funny! That Bubbles cracks me up..especially with her Pippa Middleton impersonation!
Also watched the Iron Lady, and some of the latest Sherlock Holmes flick.
Had no problems at all when we landed…we breezed through Customs etc…and arrived home around 9:30!
I thought I better try to get back on local time….so stayed up till 11pm! Ha…was wide awake at 5 am and was up at 7!
All of the pets were so happy to see us, and we certainly missed them!
Am ready for a nap…but I have to head into work shortly…will make myself a vat of coffee to keep me going!
Well better end this Blog for now….as off to work I go!


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