I could so live here!

Woke up this morning and decided not to indulge in the full breakfast, but rather I chose to have a lie in and a cup of tea in our room, while the rest of the Family had breakfast downstairs!
When we all were fed, and ready to go we decided to head off to Windsor Castle!
As like every other day that we have been here, it’s been cloudy, cool, some showers…or even heavy rain, with the occasional break of sun! Today we actually had a thunderstorm..or two!
Off we headed to the Coach Station to get on the Green Line Bus, which heads to Windsor.
It took about an hour to get there, as there was traffic along Kensington High Street, and the M 4!
We we arrived we could see that “something” was about to happen…as Bobbies were blocking the street…What was about to happen was the “Changing of the Guard”! So in the rain we watched them parade down from the Castle…playing their Ceremonial tunes!
We then proceeded to walk across to the Castle…I was the first one…and probably would have been the only one…to note that the Royal Standard was flying above the “Tower” section of the Castle! This means that Her Majesty is in residence! Once we paid for our tickets, it was raining cats and dogs so of course…ahem…we HAD to take shelter in the first of many Gift Shops on the Castle grounds! Of course I HAD to buy something…..so I picked up several more of my Royal/UK Christmas ornaments! Actually I think we might have finished our Henry the Eighth and his Wives ornament collection! Just hope that we remembered which of the wives we did not have, and in turn bought the right wives!!!
After the rain turned to a drizzle we headed back outside to continue our sightseeing of the Castle! We headed into the Castle and came across the amazing Queen Mary’s Dollhouse and a display of 2 French Dolls and all their accessories presented to the then Princess Elizabeth and Margaret from the children of France in the thirties…It was an amazing display of all the accessories and clothing that these dolls came with! Of course Queen Mary’s Dollhouse was incredible as well ! To think that the DH has running water, and electricity to name just a few of its amazing treasures!
We then headed deeper into the Castle! We saw a woven( although it looked more like it was crocheted to me) piece that was done by Mahatma Gandhi as a present for the Royal Wedding of the now Queen and Prince Phillip!
Off to the State Rooms which were filed with amazing works of art by the likes of Holbein and Rembrandt ( his self portrait…was there)! Also saw some very familar paintings of several Royals..Henry the Eight, Elizabeth the First, Charles the First/Second ( by Van Dyke)! Amazing to be standing so close to such famous, incredible works of art!
I forgot to mention all through our visit we had an electronic device that resembled a mobile phone, an audio guide that kept us very well informed of what we were seeing and where to see it!
After hitting at least another 2 Gift Shops, and of course buying a few more souvenirs…we headed over to St George’s Chappel..which is located on the grounds of Windsor! You might recall that this is where Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall had their marriage blessed, and also where both Prince Edward and Peter Phillips were married!
I do not recall anything about the Chappel from previous visits to Windsor with my Mom in the ’70’s ! I just loved the Chappel, it’s a truly amazing place! I had no idea just how many people I “knew” were buried there! To name a few…..Henry the Eighth, and Jane Seymour….King Edward the Seventh and Queen Alexandra, King George and Queen Mary, the Queen Mum and her King George( the Queen’s Parents) and……Princess Margaret!! What a sense of history one gets being there! We were in the Chappel for going onto to 2 hours, exploring every nook and cranny…as well as sitting and admiring! Ryan and I both lit candles and said a prayer in one of the smaller Chapels! We ended our visit to St George’s by…you guessed it…heading to its gift shop! I can report that I was unable to locate any Knights of the garter,nor any Knights by the name of Brownrigg, McTurk or Friend! St George’s is the Chapel of the Knight’s of the Garter!
As we were leaving the Union Jack flag was being raised over the Castle Tower…Her Majesty had just left…and was heading back to London/ Buckingham Palace after spending her Easter Holiday at Windsor! It was certainly nice of her to be at the Castle to welcome us there!!!!
Under threatening skies, we decided to risk the 10 min or so walk to Eton College, to check out the school and some of its buildings! We saw several students/boys walking around in their uniform of tails…very impressive !
At this time we all were feeling a bit “peckish”……so decided that it was time to have something to eat !
We found a lovely little Pub in Eton….that served….what I had been craving for…Cream Tea! First of all I started off by treating myself to a drink of Pims! Then onto the Cream Tea,,,which was comprised of 2 scones, jam and clotted/double cream! I had died and gone to Heaven! Then to top it all off, both Rebecca had I had Eton Mess for dessert as of course we were in Eton…some had to indulge! An Eton Mess ( named after the school of course) is made up of Meringue, double cream, whipped cream and strawberries…again just Heaven!
The boys just had some “ordinary” yet very good sandwiches,,.they just were not into the Teas and Desserts like us Ladies were!!!
On our way back to catch the Coach back to London( at 5:30pm) I spied some of my fav stores..namely Jigsaw( a Kate fav), Whistle’s ( another Kate fav), Links of London, Jo Malone ( perfume) …etc..etc…Ran into most of them…pretty well all window shopping, and photos of stores as they are much to pricey to purchase anything in! Did manage to buy a bracelet for Rebecca and myself at Links of London, and a purse for myself, that I had on my must purchase list at Cat Kidston’s ! A very British “oil cloth” purse!
All this was done, with a few minutes to spare before the Coach back to the City arrived at our stop.
Windsor is such a pretty Town…very quaint, and picturesque!
Our journey back to London took some time as again there was traffic due to rush hour…
On a Nature Note……..
I am in love with a Tree that I keep seeing….it’s so hard to describe…but the bark of the tree looks like peeling camouflage…of all colors of green and brown! I have taken many photos of the Tree and have to identify it before we leave! I did note today that it seems to have a “nut” on it…would love to come across one on the ground to bring home and attempt to plant!!!
I forgot to mention yesterday how again I find the Dogs in London to be so civilized, and classy( like their owners) ! In Kensington Park yesterday, there were numerous dogs of all shapes and sizes, and ages…all un leashed…all behaving and getting along…and no barking! So impressive!! Yet another reason for me to want to live here…well behaved dogs, gorgeous places/areas to live…and Pims and Cream Teas! It’s now 9:30pm and we are back in our Guest House for the evening…watching good old British Telly, and snacking on British snacks…aaahhhhh what a life!!!



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