Painted Rattan, Studs…all things Garden and Correction!

Woke up this Friday morning to SUNSHINE! Joy of joys…out came the ballet flats( instead of “trainers”/running shoes), and on came the sunglasses!
We are off to Richmond/Kew Gardens today!
Richmond is a typically quaint British Town on the Thames! Lovely Pubs, houses and gardens!
Richmond Palace is located there…once home to Queen Elizabeth the First while she was in “exile” when her Father Henry the Eighth was not pleased with her! She is often portrayed in paintings hunting/horseback riding in Richmond Park!
To get to Richmond/ Kew…we walked to Sloan Square…only a five or so minute walk away from our “house” to catch the Tube to Richmond…from there we took an amazingly lovely walk along the Thames to Kew Gardens( a walk of more than a mile…… in the rain….would be lovely to do on a sunny day!!!!!!)!
Before taking the walk to Kew we explored Richmond a bit…as I mentioned above its a lovely quaint “Village” like City/Town. We had a few minutes to hit the “High Street” shops….I tried on a pair of shoes at LK Bennett ( where Kate and Pippa buy their shoes). I was hoping to purchase a pair.. and did try on a beautiful pair of Nude colored shoes….on sale…..for € 189.00 ! Will let you do the math, but you might as well double the cost to find out how much it would be in Canadian $ ! I did not weaken…as they were lovely, but that pair was way too high of a heel for me! Really did not have a chance to look closer at other pairs of shoes…..maybe another location of the Chain will have something more affordable?????
In the next store we had more luck! It was a Cancer Charity Shop…where clothes are donated and all proceeds go to Cancer Research! I bought a lovely, dressy Reiss top ( which there would be no way that I could afford to buy new!) for € 7, and a neat bracelet for €3! Rebecca bought a TopShop skirt for €6! Also picked up a cloth bag with the lyrics to “God Save the Queen” on it for € 3!
Then it was time for what would have been an enjoyable walk along the Thames if it was not for the cold RAIN that followed us the entire walk! I was not happy that I had been so stupid to have worn my ballet flats, when my runners would have been more appropriate, and would have kept my feet dry and warm!!!
We arrived at Kew Gardens to HAIL…that lasted for at least 10 mins and stayed on the ground! I was so upset as here we had paid a huge entrance fee to visit the Gardens and it was sooooooo not Garden visiting weather! When the hail stopped, and it had turned to rain ….we walked for another 5 mins or so to the Orangery Cafe( which is located on the premise). It felt good to be indoors and to dry off, as well as getting something to eat for lunch! I had an amazing bowl of Fresh Green Pea and Asparagus Soup, followed by a Scone with Clotted Cream and Jam…..with a pot of Tea to drink and warm me up! Everything was so yummy!
The rain continued on so it was time to make a mad dash for the Gift Shop, so we could still stay inside till the rain subsided! Did a little shopping until the rain became a drizzle! Now it was the time to tackle the indoor parts of the Garden while it was still raining! What an AMAZING place Kew is! I can only imagine what it would be like on a lovely day! We first visited the Princess of Wales Conservatory….yes, it was named after Diana, and houses many different “zones” of plants! It’s a very large Conservatory! We passed through a Fern and Orchid Zone..then onto a Desert Zone…and then to our favorite zone which was the Rain Forrest! It had a large pond and waterfall…with amazing water lilies and koi! The best part of all was that you could go “underneath” the pond! Truly amazing! There you could see all the aquatic life, and plants that live in the Pond above! After today I so want a Greenhouse/Conservatory!!! I cannot even describe the amazing plants, palm trees etc..that we saw today! My photos won’t even do them justice they were all so beautiful..the plants and the buildings that house them as well!
There were many a lovely Urn around the Garden…of course beautifully planted up with Seasonal flowers!
Believe it or not the sun came out…and we were able to have an hour or more of walking around the grounds without any wet stuff teaming down on us! As well through out our walk around the grounds we saw a lot of interesting birds. We saw some “yellow” parrot like birds, Canada Geese, and even a Peacock!
Rob and the Kids went on a treetop walk! It was the neatest thing! You walked up( there was also a lift) and you could basically walk on a “sidewalk” up in the trees! There were various look out points that they could be seen from, so I was the photographer on the ground!
We also visited a smaller Conservatory which housed mostly Water Lilies…..giant ones at that!!!
All through our outside Tour we kept an eye on the sky…and sure enough there were more grey clouds on the horizon! This time we made it back to the Victoria Gate section of the Garden where there was another Cafe and Gift Shop….By this time we were all ready for Afternoon Tea! I treated myself to another scone and Tea..The kids had Hot Chocolate and bags of Crisps( potato chips)!
Then it was time to say goodbye to Kew! If I lived here I would certainly love to be a volunteer at the Gardens( or at St George’s Chapel from yesterday’s visit)!
It was a long ride home due to rush hour traffic…
Now, you might be wondering why I called this particular Blog….Painted Rattan, Studs…and all things Garden and Correction! Well the Garden part you will have no doubt figured out that it was our trip to Kew..but the other stuff????
Well, first of all I have a confession to make….We are not staying in Mayfair…or whatever other Borough of Westminster/London that I might have said….we are in BELGRAVIA! How I could have gotten that wrong I have no idea! For those of you familiar with the old BBC/PBS series “Upstairs Downstairs” we are staying not too far from the Bellamy’s old street of Eaton Place! Our Gust House also resembles the Bellamy Townhouse….
Now for the Painted Rattan bit…one of the world’s most famous Interior Designers is Nicky Haslam. He has designed rooms/houses for the rich and famous and the Royals! His store is located just down the street from us! I can give you all an Interior Design “heads up” Painted Rattan and everything Bamboo/Rattan is very in! His store windows are full of pieces of rattan furniture…some painted and some not. Even cushions that were in the Window display had rattan designs on them!
Now for my London Fashion tip….everything Studs is in Ladies! There are Studs on shoes, sweaters, purses etc….Rebecca’ shoes that she bought from TopShop yesterday are covered in Studs, and so are the shoulders of the sweater that I bought! Studs are hot!!
Well it’s after 9 pm and my thoughts are starting to get all jumbled up…so I better close off this Blog!
Goodnight from Belgravia to one and all…..


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